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  1. US State Department adds new indicator reflecting ‘kidnapping risk’

    The US State Department will now label countries where the risk of kidnapping is high with a “K” in order to “communicate more clearly to US citizens…


  2. Cain makes accessing historical invoices easier

    We have updated the link that can be used to access historical invoices for both expense and informational purposes. Previously this link required…


  3. Grounding of Boeing 737 Max 7 and Max 8 – part 2

    Ticket exchange policies & waivers have begun being issued by United, American, Southwest and Air Canada with regard to addressing the grounding…


  4. US & Canada ground Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft

    Effectively immediately, the United States and Canada have joined much of the world in opting to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft in…


  5. Problems for Southwest Airlines magnify

    Southwest Airlines facing labor, safety and revenue problems – an undesirable trifecta of issues for any airline.

    Labor issues: Since Tuesday of…


  6. French CGT union calls for nationwide strike beginning on February 5

    A nationwide general strike has been announced by the French CGT union whose membership includes personnel in various travel sectors including…


  7. Italian Air Traffic Controllers to strike February 15

    The Unica, Ugl Trasporto Aereo, Assivolo-Quadri unions representing personnel at ENAV, Italy’s national air traffic service provider, called for a…


  8. Marriott announces Bonvoy – the new name for their guest loyalty program

    In August 2018, Marriott launched one loyalty program with unified benefits under its 3 legacy loyalty brands – Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton…


  9. Suspected terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya

    At least 11 people have been killed in what police are calling a suspected terror attack at a complex in Nairobi.

    The Somali Islamist militant…


  10. Security personnel to strike at Frankfurt, Germany airport on Tuesday 1/15

    The trade union Verdi has called for a comprehensive strike by security personnel at Frankfurt Airport between 2 p.m. and 20 p.m. on Tuesday, 15…


  11. Italian air traffic controllers to strike on January 11

    Unions representing Italian air traffic controllers have announced a nationwide strike for January 11.

    Cain has generated reporting to determine…


  12. Labor strike on January 10 to impact German airports Cologne-Bonn, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart

    Passengers in Germany face disruption on Thursday (Jan 10) following a strike call by security staff at three major airports, the powerful Verdi union…


  13. Air Italy, Vueling and Alitalia employees to strike nationwide on 28 January

    Air Italy, Vueling and Alitalia employees to strike nationwide on January 28.

    Cain has generated reporting to determine any travelers who may be…


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