The Challenge:

A large health professional placement company faced a daunting task when attempting to fill hospital orders for replacement health professionals. Often, this company was given 10 days notice to place up to 5,000 health care professionals on-site at locations across the United States. These groups required air, hotel, meeting and transportation support of their travel management company. The company was having difficulty with its prior agency in both requesting and fulfilling travel at this rapid pace, accurately. Complicating the booking process, was the fact that 15% of these placements would change within the 10 day booking period. Additionally, due to the speed and complexity of these group movements, financial tracking had become burdensome. Finally, the client anticipated rapid growth in the demand for their services, and needed a partner who could manage that growth, and maintain booking accuracy and stability so that the client could effectively support their end consumer, major US hospitals.

This client presented multiple challenges. On the staffing front, ramping up to receive 5000 transactions to be completed by agent staff in a 10 day period was challenging. Sourcing of hotels including meeting space was also difficult and required dedicated staffing to find and secure lodging and meeting space for these groups. Concurrently, managing the change that occurred within these groups presented multiple communication challenges both to the client and to Cain Travel.

Cain Travel Solution:

To manage the inbound travel requests during the 10 day booking period, Cain Travel developed a custom Event Manager. This application was integrated through the use of a custom API with the client’s CRM system. New travel requests are pushed in real-time from the Client to Cain Travel. Internally, the Event Manager allowed Cain Travel to distribute the workload across its staff, and allowed us to fulfill these bookings 24/7 during the 10 day booking period. Cain Travel leveraged its Meeting & Incentives division to perform hotel sourcing, allowing us to effectively shop multiple hotel properties in target markets, and ultimately to source properties that met this client’s needs within their 10 day time frame.


Cain Travel has processed over 70 events for this customer since 2011. This includes travel booking, hotel accommodations and complete program financial reconciliation for over 33,000 travelers. The proprietary Event Management system is now used for all of Cain Travel’s customers, and features multiple import formats to meet the needs of multiple 3rd party registration systems including Cvent and Metron.

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