The Challenge:

A Fortune 500 company had a nationally distributed set of travelers, but was required to maintain strict budget controls across the organization, for all travel. Approval was required for all travel, by one of three approving managers, based upon the price of each trip. Prior to choosing Cain Travel, this client had employed the use of an approval process that had been installed by one of our competitors, utilizing 3rd party technology. The client was also challenged with managing an approval hierarchy that featured over 70 approving managers, who were constantly changing, and wanted to approve bookings from mobile devices.

Cain Travel Solution:

Upon review of the solution in place, it was determined that there were several gaps where the approval process was not accurately placing bookings into the approval run. It was also determined that the management of the hierarchy within the 3rd party system was not dynamic enough to manage the constantly changing approval hierarchy. Cain Travel built a custom application that has solved these issues. The approval process allows for a manual or automated import of the approval hierarchy as often as customers need to update the hierarchy. In the case of this client, the hierarchy is tied to their HR systems, and is uploaded daily. The actual approval engine allows approvers to approve tickets AFTER ticketing, ensuring that online purchasers secure the pricing that was available to them within their overall travel policy constraints. In cases where approvers want to deny a transaction, the bookings are automatically cancelled, and airline travel is voided, refunding the cost of the ticket. In cases where travel is purchased on direct carriers (Southwest), messaging is immediately delivered to managers upon the purchase of any direct carrier ticket.


Cain Travel has transformed a managerial nightmare into a standard, reliable process, that allows this client to have complete control over their purchasing at the managerial level. The solution has instilled confidence that all bookings are being audited as required by their corporate mandate. The solution is now in use by multiple Cain Travel customers, and processes thousands of transactions each month.

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